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SmartWitness Car CCTV and Journey Recorder  
Smart Witness Car CCTV and Journey Recorder provides evidence in the event of a traffic accident or incident. The unit records from the built in CCTV Camera in high quality 640x480 resolution and in real time.
  • Built in CCTV and Recorder
  • 2Gb SD Card Supplied
  • 3G Shock Sensor
  • High Res down to 1.0 Lux
  • NO GPS in this model
  • 170 Degrees Vision
  • 12-24v Cigarette PSU
  • Reporting Software
  • 2 Fixing Brakets Supplied
  • 1 Year RTB Warranty
  • A great new product for all types of vehicles! Designed to provide a visual recording of an accident, other event or whole vehicle journey, with optional GPS logging (see Ref:1010342), which will record the speed, direction of travel and location of vehicle on Google Earth. This Smart Witness Vehicle Journey Recorder acts like a Black Box for motorists and can provide vital evidence of what really happened in an accident, improves driver behaviour resulting in fewer accidents and convictions, provide proof against incorrect driving convictions and for the commercial sector it allows Fleet Managers & Companies to monitor employee journeys and excessive speeding, acceleration and breaking.

    The unit records from the built in CCTV Camera in high resolution (640x480) and in Real Time (25fps) onto the built in Digital Video Recorder.

    It operates down to 1.0 lux, which means good quality images in the day and will make use of headlights and signs to provide a good image at night.

    The camera has a high quality lens with a viewing angle of 170 deg.

    The unit recorders continuously or when the G-Sensor measures a pre-determined amount of G-Force. To ensure no data is lost, the unit features a buffer which records 15secs prior to the G-sensor being triggered and 5secs after. The unit also has a 30sec battery backup so that it will always finish recording even if power fails.

    Supplied with a 2Gb SD Card, it will operate with a 32Gb SD Card, allowing a contiuous recording time of around 40 hours. The unit can then overwrite or alert the user. The SD card can be easily removed (like a camera) and will connect to a Windows PC via USB, using the card reader supplied.

    1 year warranty.

    The unit is very small 80x50mm and comes with the following:
    2x Mounting brackets and adhesive pads
    2x cable tidy clips
    1x DC power cable (12-24v)
    1x 2Gb SD Memory Card
    1x USB SD Card reader
    1x SmartWitness Analysis Software for Windows

    Smart Witness Analysis Software
    For configuring the unit to your requirements and for sophisticated analysis of journey information, allowing you to:

    Playback and Search video recordings
    Export video and journey information
    Generate report for incidents
    Was: 169.00
    Price: 159.00
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  • 15secs pre and 5secs post any incindent
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