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Security - Secure Payments

Your payment is more secure on-line than in the high street! Your credit card details are not held on our servers, they are only located in PayPal's. This comes with a guarantee direct from PayPal ensuring your peace of mind when making a purchase from this site and all other products within the 21ITC Group.
Always look for the secure sign at the foot of the web page when entering credit card details. PayPal use SSL (secure socket layers) which encrypt all the data with 128 bit encryption. Never enter these details if this sign is not evident!
The padlock is displayed in browsers where the site is located on a secure certificated server. This means security is set from the site to your browser.

Transactions Covered by PayPal Buyer Protection

If you paid for an item and never received it or received an item that was significantly not as described, your transaction must meet each of the following requirements to be eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection:
The PayPal Buyer Protection Icon must be displayed in the website and it is located below.
Your purchase must be a physical item-services and intangible items are not covered, which is in line with purchases on this site.
You must use PayPal to pay for the item and to do this you must use the Grey PayPal button on the Payments Screen.

PayPal Buyer Protection Claim Guidelines

You may only file one claim per PayPal payment.
Claims must be filed within 45 days of the PayPal payment
You may not file a claim if you are simply disappointed with an item. Items must be significantly not as described or never received.
You are limited to three PayPal Buyer Protection refunds per calendar year.
You must be willing to provide information during the investigation process. If we are unable to obtain the necessary information, your case may be cancelled without a refund.
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